Developmental Profiles

We have created age appropriate profiles for the infant and elementary groups with different focuses on each age group.

One of our principles in our care and education of the children is maintaining the right balance. We apply this to all of our educational principals and therefore see these reports not as notes or grades but as an aid.

The quarterly report follows the newest European standards and is based on our pedagogical experience in order to ensure quality and to promote discussion within the team.

Generation project

Grandmothers and grandfathers have the opportunity to visit the children in the kindergarten on a regular basis. Crafting sessions with the whole family or a cup of coffee with the educators? Sure!


We are a highly motivated and multicultural team and see ourselves as competent and appreciative companions for the children. On the basis of trust, security and tolerance, as well as a lot of joy in life and fun in pedagogy, our children can develop step by step in a loving atmosphere.

Our Monkeys and Sparrows are looked after by Lisbeth Kober (GER), Alok Pacharane (IND), Lara Markgraf (GER), Samuel Prior (GBR), Julia Stelling (GER), Bastian Feles (GER) and Celina Mischke (GER).

We also always receive great support from interns and young women in the Federal Voluntary Service.

Our parents

Parents are informed about the life of their children at all times. There are weekly plans, developmental profiles and parent-teacher meetings.

Besides projects like parental reading there are many opportunities for parents to be part of the kindergarten and to meet up – like festivities and parties.

Our trainees

Leonie Schmidt, Janina Schreiber, Daniela Coumont, Anna-Lena Harms, Tina Kumar, Jacqueline Malan, Valerie Bake, Marie Lange, Valentina Angelova, Katy Zwolinski, Dalia Sanchez Weber, Katharina Wiebach, Julia Schneider, Christine Gribb and Sarah Deane are just some of our former trainees.